Joe Kubert worked on Power Lords?

Legendary Comic Book Artist Joe Kubert penciled these vintage coloring book covers (published by Playmore back in 1983.)

Joe Kubert went on to be inducted into the Jack Kirby and Will Eisner Comic Book Halls of Fame and founded The Kubert School (Cornboy’s Alma Mater.)

It’s amazing to see how much artistic talent was assembled to bring us the vintage line and its panoply of licensed products. Someone definitely had an eye for talent seeing as how Wayne Barlowe, Joe Kubert and Mark Texeira (The Power Lords DC Comics Series) all ended up playing a role in Power Lords history.


The Cornboy Chronicles: Someone’s doing some legwork on the Adam Power tooling samples


“Who me? Oh nothing. Just making some final tweaks to the pantographed down Power Lords tooling samples. Why? What’re you doing?”