A bird? A plane? A shoe? No, it’s a Power Ship!!

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Power Lords Cake Boss Episode Airs June 17th!

(from left to right) Power Lords Creator Wayne Douglas Barlowe, Cake Boss Sculptor Ralph Attanasia, with the Four Horsemen Cornboy Mayse, Eric Treadaway and Jim Preziosi.
Power Lords Creator Wayne Douglas Barlowe and Cake Boss Sculptor Ralph Attanasia,
with H. Eric Cornboy Mayse, Eric Treadaway and Jim Preziosi at Toypocalypse 3

Four Horsemen fans! Power Lords fans! Wayne Barlowe fans! Cake Boss fans! The episode of Cake Boss that was filmed during Toypocalypse 3 in February will be airing on TLC on Monday, June 17th! The Four Horsemen revealed the upcoming Power Lords action figure line at the show, and not only did the original character designer of the Power Lords – Wayne Barlowe – make an appearance at the show, the guys at Cake Boss made an incredible cake featuring a bunch of Power Lords characters and the incredible Volcan Rock! Here’s the official description of the show straight from TLC.

After months of hard work on the new Carlo’s Bakery, a blizzard threatens to delay the grand opening. With a big decision to make, Buddy tries to fill the bakery cases while the new employees learn to juggle their toughest clients: Buddy’s sisters. Meanwhile, Mary takes a cake order for an action figure volcano cake, but clueless in the ways of boys toys, she asks Ralph to take the lead on design. Will Ralph be the hero who saves the day, or will an exploding volcano cake be his demise?”

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