FanEXtasy Awaits Thee! Toypocalypse 4 is Nigh!

Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy is coming! Hosted by TT Underground Gallery in New York City, the Four Horsemen’s fourth annual gallery show is expected to be bigger than ever! Not only will this be the first place that you’ll get the see the next Infinity Edition Outer Space Men factory created paint samples in person, the first factory created paint samples of Adam Power, Lord Power & Ggripptogg in person, pre-production tooling samples of the Gothitropolis Ravens figures, and lots of other artwork and prototypes created by Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios, but there will be some other incredible surprises, special one of a kind items for sale, and the rebirth of the amazing action figure fan driven project FANtastic Exclusive as well! Plus an incredible “by invitation only” customized Four Horsemen originals prototypes gallery that will need to be seen in person to truly appreciate (more information on that soon). Opening reception night begins on Saturday, February 15th from 7pm to 10pm, and the show will run through February 19th (please check with TT Underground for daily gallery times). So book your trip to the east coast now and get ready to feel the FanEXtasy!


Presenting OSM’s Gamma-X And Colossus Rex!!

The Four Horsemen may have saved the best for last when it came to their packaged and un-packaged Infinity Edition reveals. Behold the massive monstrosity (and arguably the most popular of all the Outer Space Men) the reptilian ravager, COLOSSUS REX and the astonishing robotic wonder from the 4th Dimension, GAMMA-X!






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