The Greatest Sale in Four Horsemen History is Now Open To Non-Power Lord Club Members!

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See’s video review of the new Power Lords figures here in’s video sneak peak.

Here’s what the Four Horsemen had to say about their sale:

“We recently had our 4th annual gallery show, Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy, at TT Underground gallery in NYC, and while there we sold the Power Lords: Barlowe Concept Color Ggripptogg figure to a lucky few. Those all sold out but this is a shared exclusive so we will have them on Store Horsemen for sale as well. Like all Power Lords releases through Store Horsemen, these items will be available to eligible Power Lords Fan Club members only during the first 48 hours and then will be released for sale to the general public if any remain. These are an extremely limited item so the price is a little higher than normal at $25 each plus shipping & handling and they will be limited to one per customer in the first 48 hours.

Also up for sale will be the highly anticipated red and blue versions of the Power Lords: Power Soldiers called the Ophidian Squad Elite and the Ophidian Squad Soldier. These will be for sale for $10 each plus shipping & handling with no limits on the number of items you can purchase.

Last, two new Ggripptogg variants are being released. one is the Ggrapptikk Grunt who is very similar to the Ggrapptikk Grunts that were previously released, except this time they’re sporting a really striking and ominous black & green color scheme. The other release is the Ggrapptikk Sergeant! This is the first time this variant leader head has been released for a Ggripptogg variant figure so we expect it to move quickly. Each of these figures will be available for $15.00 each (plus shipping & handling).

All of the Power Lords items mentioned above are currently in stock and will begin shipping immediately after orders are placed and processed. Power Lords Fan Club members who have not yet gotten their fan club number via email yet will be receiving those this week.”

Video Review & Sneak Peek Power Lords Figures’s first ever video action figure review gives you a sneak peek at some yet-to-be-released figures that will be coming down the pike from Four Horsemen Toy Design, including the “Barlowe Concept Color Ggripptogg” figure, the Crimson and Blue Power Soldiers and two additional Grunts.

The first figure to be released will be the “Barlowe Concept Color Ggripptogg” which will be available at the Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy show at TT Underground Gallery in New York City on Saturday, February 15th. Legendary Sci-Fi Artist Wayne Barlowe will be on hand at Toypocalypse to personally sign your figure. A limited amount of these figures will also be available unsigned through the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet, Store Horsemen a week or so after the show, but those will first be made available only to Power Lords Fan Club members for the first 48 hours.

Scroll down for photos of the Power Soldier figures in their original configurations.

Video Review By Israel Ramirez

Barlowe Concept Color Ggripptogg




Photos and Figures Courtesy of Four Horsemen Toy Design



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