World Premiere!! Raygoth The Goon of Doom!!

The Four Horsemen have been incredibly busy getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con, but Eric Treadaway was still kind enough to send a cell phone snapshot of this never-before-seen Raygoth prototype. This fan favorite is incredibly well sculpted, brilliantly painted and best of all, it sports its signature holographic sticker.

“When I was a kid my biggest Power Lords dilemma was whether to get Raygoth or Ggripptogg. In the end Ggripptogg won out, but I’ve always had a special fondness for Raygoth. Now Raygoth finally has his day!” said Treadaway.


Raygoth – The Goon of Doom, Origin: Flozar VIII, The Frozen Planet, Weapon: Laser Gun

Raygoth was born on Flozar VIII, but was bred by Arkus to be a shock trooper in his army and obey all commands. Raygoth eats silica crystals and collects them in his chest cavity to reflect deadly laser rays.

Ed Speir IV continues to impress with his latest photographs of Power Lords, both old and new!

Check out these remarkable photos of vintage Power Lords toys taken by toy photographer extraordinaire Ed Speir IV. We thank Mr. Speir for being gracious enough to share them with us. For more of Mr. Speir’s amazing toy photography featuring new and vintage toys, check out his artistry (and more Power Lords photos) via this link to Mr. Speir’s flickr account.

Mr. Speir tells us that he recently obtained a vintage Disguyzor figure and will be posting shots of it sometime soon, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for some more of his unique photographic stylings.

All of the photographs below are copyright Ed Speir IV.












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