Power Lords Update From Eric Treadaway!


Treadaway’s Update:

“Although the release schedule has been underwhelming, the amount of work that we are putting in behind the scenes has been tremendous. We’ve put hundreds of hours into sculpting and developing what we hope is the future of the line. So far we have prototyped Sydot, Raygoth, the Power Soldier Assassin, and Disguyzor. There are other characters that have been started as well. Each one of those has at least 4-5 variants. Those include multiple head sculptures, multiple accessories, and multiple paint masters. There are other things that we have been working on in an attempt to revitalize the line that we can’t reveal yet, but again a lot of work has gone into it.

So where does that leave us now: We are currently finalizing the sculpting and fabrication on the above mentioned characters. This has been a tough hill to climb lately. We have been slammed with Mattel work (which actually pays the bills here), and we are in the midst of a colossal move here at the office. (This is also why we’ve been so quiet since SDCC.) Once the the prototypes have been 100% finalized then they will be shipped to China for pricing. As soon as we get those numbers and have time to analyze them we will put up a large pre-order for what we are calling series 2. That will probably be three of the figures plus variants. The plan is that it will be the most amount of Power Lords product that we’ve offered at once to date. If that goes well, then we will follow a similar approach to speed up the releases and make up for some lost time.

Power Lords was set up with a plan based on the way that Outer Space Men was handled. With OSM we took a while, but we did accomplish what we set out to do which was getting all of the original characters out to fans. We were even able to get 4 extra characters done, which was an amazing bonus. With PL the same system just flat out didn’t work, and it’s taken us a while to figure out how exactly we can make it happen. The simple fact is that the numbers just didn’t work. We think that given the right set-up the numbers can work. We’ve taken so much time and put so much thought into retooling things because we want to make sure and get as many characters as possible out there. We want them all!

Now I want to just speak about this line on a personal level. Power Lords is one of my favorite toy lines of all time, and it’s possibly had more influence on me creatively than any other. To get this license and work on these figures has been an ultimate dream project in a career filled with dream projects. I understand the frustration with the lack of movement on this line. I apologize for that, and we are all sorry for that here at the studio. Trust me, it’s frustrating from our end as well. As a fan I just want more figures. As a toymaker I want to sculpt more figures. So far I’ve invested thousands of hours, years of development, and a ton of money into line. It’s all been worth it because it’s Power Lords. I still think that Power Lords was way ahead of its time, and I think that even though the wait sucks that Power Lords is worth the wait.”