Spy Monkey Creations Introduces Battle Tribes!

The folks over at Spy Monkey Creations had their very first drop of Battle Tribes on 4/8/16 at 6pm PST!

Here’s a great first look video review from Pixel Dan.

The debut assortment of Battle Tribes includes 4 action figure & accessory sets with deluxe paint apps. Each figure has 10 points of interchangeable articulation and includes removable armor, 3 weapons, shield and 5 bonus heads, a total of 21 Glyos compatible parts, allowing consumers to build their own tribes and create their own adventures!

Characters in wave 1 include:

Savage Adventurer – Fearless barbarian hero.

Nomadic Orc – Bestial green-skinned wanderer.

Cyclops Ice Raider – Mysterious marauder with the power of ice.

Crimson Spikesaurian – Powerful primeval dino warrior.

Unpainted solid color Tribe Builder DIY sets will also be available:

Tribe Builder Pale Flesh

Tribe Builder Orcskin Green

Tribe Builder Ice Blue

Tribe Builder Crimson

Battle Tribes: Weapons & Warriors Wave 1 will go on sale at 6:00pm PST, Friday April 8th, 2016 in the Spy Monkey Creations Webstore.


Comparison shot of Battle Tribes to other Glyos-compatible figures is shown below to show scale. These little guys are Mini but Mighty.







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