Power Lords History

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Power Lords The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors is a toy line from the early 80’s that just might be the craziest, wildest, wackiest, most bizarre action figure line of all time.

Inspiring fierce devotion from fans and vicious vitriol from its critics, the reactions this line elicits run the spectrum from love to hate. Rarely is the response one of indifference.

Critics, like the author of a Cracked.com article that dubbed Power Lords the “Worst Toy of the 80’s,” are a vocal (and at times hilariously vulgar) group. Surprisingly, there are entire articles on the internet devoted to trashing the Power Lords and sullying their reputation.

However, if you try winning an eBay auction for some of the more sought after Power Lords figures, you’re likely to discover that there are legions of intensely loyal Power Lords fans voting quietly with their wallets.

As I write this, I’ve got my eye on a “Tork the Turning Terror” Power Lords figure listed on eBay by a reputable dealer for a mere $249.99 (plus shipping.) Another seller lists a Colecovision Power Lords video game for the reduced price of $803.99 (and that’s after a 33% discount and free shipping factored in!).

Power Lords has a huge following in Europe and is especially big in France where its fans are true connoisseurs. Perhaps that’s why many of the line’s hardcore collectors have complained about seeing prices rise in the last few years. Many of them are glad that there are still so many toy collectors out there who don’t get this line and can’t see why it has inspired so many artists, modern toymakers and art toy aficionados.


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