These Mythic Legions Customs Stole The Show!

Toypocalypse 4 brought us a lot of exciting news this year, including the biggest surprise, Mythic Legions and the Return of Fantastic Exclusive.

You can read the Four Horsemen’s wrap-up of Toypocalypse by clicking on FanExtasy!.


Toypocalypse 4 FanExtasy whetted the fan’s appetites for Mythic Legions by getting two-up prototypes into the hands of talented customizers and artists and letting them strut their stuff. As you can see from the customs below, the results were spectacular!



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #1 – Nathan Baertsch’s “The Knight of Dawn”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #2 – Shane Dittsworth’s “The Raven Slayer”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #3 – Joe Amaro’s “The Dragonian Knight”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #4 – Andy Piver’s “The Grim Horsemen”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #5 – Ni Mertz’s “The Outland Knight”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #6 – George Gaspar’s “Knight of the Living Dead”
Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #7 – Scott Tolleson’s “Sir George The Rainbow Killer”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #8 – Owen Oertling’s “None Shall Pass”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #9 – Ed Waysek’s “Untitled”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #10 – Ralph Attanasia’s “Gourmando The Battle Baker”



Toypocalypse Mythic Legions Custom #11 – Sherri Cook’s “Date Knight”

(The Knight’s “added protection” was not part of Sherri Cook’s original design and was surreptitiously added to the display by an unknown fan.)

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