The Four Horsemen would like to thank all of the wonderful people who braved the inclement weather to come out to Toypocalypse 3 and hang out with Wayne Barlowe.

Mr. Barlowe was incredibly gracious and spent a great deal of time speaking to fans and signing autographs as everyone enjoyed his spectacular original Power Lords character designs, including some never before seen pieces.

A big debt of gratitude is also owed to Ralph Attanasia and the rest of the Cake Boss crew who helped celebrate the Power Lords’ return by presenting the Four Horsemen and Wayne Barlowe with a huge Volcan Rock-shaped cake covered with Power Lords figures that the Cake Boss crew sculpted out of modeling chocolate.

Ralph and his crew worked incredibly hard creating this magnificent cake and designing it so that Volcan Rock could erupt impressively (spewing out copious amounts of smoke and edible lava.) We’re not sure how they pulled it off, but it was delicious and definitely stole the show.

We can’t show you any of the photos of the cake until the Power Lords / Four Horsemen episode of Cake Boss airs this summer, but those who were on hand to see Lord Power, Shaya and Sydot defend Volcan Rock from an all-out assault by Ggripptogg, Arkus and Raygoth will never forget it.

We hope to let you know exactly when that episode of the popular Cake Boss reality show airs, so you can see Eric Treadaway and Jim Preziosi ordering the cake and all the drama that ensued when the Cake Boss crew didn’t know whether or not they’d be able to get the cake to New York due to an impending blizzard. You’ll also get to enjoy all of the high-jinks that occurred prior to and after the cake’s triumphant presentation.

John Kent (aka Dr. Kent) was also a huge help when it came to helping the Horsemen put together the ultimate Power Lords gallery show by lending the Horsemen some of the rare and valuable figures from his personal collection. The pieces were in pristine condition and looked absolutely dazzling under the gallery lights.

Also exhibited were a number of rare pieces from Eric Treadaway’s personal collection, including an original Cinema-styled Power Lords Toy Fair poster as well as Halloween costumes and some other rare and unique items.

Also exhibited were a number of fan-created Power Lords pieces, including some elaborately sculpted Power Lords and Outer Space Men customs by HIKIKOMORI STUDIO. Some of these pieces even included elaborate remote-control lighting effects. Other artists from all around the world submitted pieces that helped make the event a rousing success.

We’d also like to thank all of the hard-working members of the internet toy press who attended. Their generous coverage of our event during Toy Fair exceeds anything we could put together ourselves so we direct you to who did a great job putting together armchair coverage of the event by linking to a number of photo galleries at other sites. So if you want to see some great photos of the Power Lords prototypes and all of the other amazing things exhibited at the show you can check out their list of links by clicking on the Extra-TOYrrestrial logo below.

For those of you who missed the opening party, you can still see the displays at TT Underground Gallery (below Toy Tokyo) in New York City through Wednesday February 13th.



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