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Power Lords The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors is a toy line from the early 80’s that just might be the craziest, wildest, wackiest, most bizarre action figure line of all time.

Inspiring fierce devotion from fans and vicious vitriol from its critics, the reactions this line elicits run the spectrum from love to hate. Rarely is the response one of indifference.

Critics, like the author of a Cracked.com article that dubbed Power Lords the “Worst Toy of the 80’s,” are a vocal (and at times hilariously vulgar) group. Surprisingly, there are entire articles on the internet devoted to trashing the Power Lords and sullying their reputation.

However, if you try winning an eBay auction for some of the more sought after Power Lords figures, you’re likely to discover that there are legions of intensely loyal Power Lords fans voting quietly with their wallets.

As I write this, I’ve got my eye on a “Tork the Turning Terror” Power Lords figure listed on eBay by a reputable dealer for a mere $249.99 (plus shipping.) Another seller lists a Colecovision Power Lords video game for the reduced price of $803.99 (and that’s after a 33% discount and free shipping factored in!).

Power Lords has a huge following in Europe and is especially big in France where its fans are true connoisseurs. Perhaps that’s why many of the line’s hardcore collectors have complained about seeing prices rise in the last few years. Many of them are glad that there are still so many toy collectors out there who don’t get this line and can’t see why it has inspired so many artists, modern toymakers and art toy aficionados.


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Power Lords Bios

Adam PowerLeader of the Power Lords, Origin: Earth, Weapon: Ion Blaster Gun
A hero of incredible strength, Adam absorbs the cosmic energy of the power jewel to magically change himself into Lord Power, Leader of the Power Lords. He protects and defends both the humanoid and extra-terrestrial galaxies and uses Volcan Rock as his secret stronghold.

ShayaQueen of Power, Origin: Ancient World of Meru, Weapon: Laser Whip
Shaya Queen of Power is a changer. She has cosmic might equal to Adam Power’s. When in danger she is capable of changing forms from extra-terrestrial to humanoid. Her alien form gives off an intense heat which repels her enemies.

SydotThe Supreme, Origin: Rana, The Water Planet, Weapon: Stellar Seekers, Laser Gun
Sydot was a wise scientific genius on the Planet Rana when he was captured by Arkus and transported to another worldy dimension. He was then freed by Adam and Shaya to join in the battle to save the Galaxy.

ArkusThe Evil Dictator, Origin: Hatched at the center of an unknown red Birth-Sun, Weapon: Wrist Laser
Arkus is an evil insectoid trying to rule all beings in all galaxies. Arkus never eats, sleeps or tires. His life force comes from the anguish of his victims. In all the universe no creature is more evil than Arkus.

GripptoggThe Four Fisted Brute, Origin: The planet Ferrikon, Weapon: The Super Mace
Ggripptogg is a fearsome brute whose four war-arms and double faced head hold entire planets in the grip of fear. His empire stretched from one end of the galaxy to the other until Arkus captured it from him. He now exists as a mindless yet hateful follower of the Evil Dictator.

RaygothThe Goon of Doom, Origin: Flozar VIII, The Frozen Planet, Weapon: Lazer Gun
Raygoth was born on Flozar VIII, but was bred buy Arkus to be a shock trooper in his army and obey all commands. Raygoth eats silica crystals and collects them in his chest cavity to reflect deadly laser rays.

TorkThe Turning Terror, Origin: The Planet Twearth, Weapon: Solar Rod
Tork was hatched on the violently spinning planet of Twearth. This planet’s magnetic field caused Tork’s body to mutate into The Turning Terror. With two grotesque faces and a twirling body, Tork becaume an important ally of Arkus. Since Tork is so powerful he constantly fights with Arkus over who should give orders.

DrrenchThe Savage Soaker, Origin: The Planet Frigidor of the Flozar Star System, Weapon: Freon Blaster
Using icy cold water as a weapon, Drrench is feared throughout the galaxy. Arkus visited Frigidor, Drrench’s polar planet, to recruit him in the battle against Adam. When Arkus asked Drrench to demonstrate his chilling powers, Drrench instantly froze Arkus’ wings. To this day they remain bitter enemies.

BakatakThe Brutal Backstabber, Origin: Militron, the Warring Planet, Weapon: Lazor Launcher
Bakatak is the ultimate weapon’s expert. No creature anywhere can attack him from behind because he’s evolved back spines that shoot. And no sane creature will attack him from the front because of his frightening war arms. With his animal like claws and shootinmg spines, he threatens not only Adam, the Power Lord, but Arkus, the evil dictator.

DisguyzorThe Deadly Deceiver, Origin: The Planet Growton, Weapon: Cosmic War Club
Disguyzor uses his powers to transform his size and appearance in order to annihilate his enemies. His four faces allow him to spy on others without being recognized. When enemies come bearing down on him, Disguyzor can conquer them by increasing his size and attacking them with his Cosmic War Club.

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