Hangin’ With The Horsemen 4: Cornboy’s Corner

This week features some behind-the-scenes video of a sleep-deprived Eric H. “Cornboy” Mayse, the day before New York Toy Fair and Toypocalpse 3.

At this point Cornboy and the rest of the Four Horsemen Toy Design team had spent weeks working day and night preparing for Toy Fair, yet Cornboy was kind enough to chat about some of the Power Lords and OSM pieces he was working on and give us a quick visual tour of his office.

This post is also historically significant because it documents Cornboy’s magnificent Corn-coif before he shaved it all off and went with the completely bald pate.

And finally, because Cornboy is famous for working so hard that he sometimes starts nodding off at his workstation with an exacto knife in his hand I’ve included the article below to remind him of what can happen if he’s not careful. No one wants Cornboy’s exacto knife to turn into a Cornboy cob holder.


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