Does this Ancient Geoglyph depict a Power Lord?

The Nazca Spaceman Geoglyph Near Nazca Peru

The research team is proud to announce that it has uncovered important clues that may help solve a riddle that has baffled some of the best archeologists of our generation.

Our astounding discovery involves the Nazca Lines, the mysterious giant geoglyphs created by the ancient peoples of southern Peru between 400 and 650 AD.

Some experts believe that these giant images were created so they could be seen by gods in the sky, while others claim that the Nazca people created these huge images after they had been visited by extraterrestrials, in order to draw those extraterrestrials back to Earth. But the questions remain, who were these images meant for, and why did these ancient people create images on such a large scale that the only way to properly appreciate them was to fly over them in an aircraft?

One geoglyph, the one known as the Nazca “Spaceman” or “Astronaut,” has been particularly intriguing, because it appears to depict an entity in a spacesuit and helmet, who is holding one hand aloft in gesture universally recognized as a greeting.

The identity of this entity has remained a mystery — until now that is — when the ethnographic research team positively identified him as Sydot The Supreme, the brilliant scientist and Power Lord from Rana the Water Planet.

As you can see from the attached photographs, the geoglyph clearly shows Sydot, wearing a space suit and helmet. Although his tail has been subjected to erosion over the years it can still be seen peeking out from behind his space suit.

While these findings have yet to be accepted as general scientific consensus, we fully expect that they will be, as soon as they are submitted for peer review.

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the image in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru via satellite and judge for yourself.

Google Earth Coordinates 14 44’42.71″S 75 4’47.24″W



Artist’s rendering of the Nazca Spaceman Figure
Drawn by Frank Stone (2012)

Click on the photo below to access more Google Earth views of Nazca Images.


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