News Flash!! Wayne Barlowe Discovers a Long-Lost Treasure Trove Full of Power Lords History!!

Legendary Sci-Fi Artist Wayne Douglas Barlowe

Legendary Sci-Fi Artist Wayne Douglas Barlowe

Power Lords fans are rejoicing after learning that Wayne Barlowe, the legendary Sci-fi artist and the original creator of the Power Lords toy line has found a long-lost treasure trove of concept art, development drawings and notes that chronicle the creation of the line. Wayne Barlowe had not seen these pieces in 30 years and feared that they had been lost forever.

For die-hard fans of the line, hearing this news is the Power Lords equivalent of being told that the Rosetta Stone and the Dead Sea scrolls had been unearthed under a New Jersey turnpike.

Barlowe personally delivered a thick package to the Four Horsemen that contained original full-color concept art, personal notes detailing top secret character backstories, new never-before-seen characters and a series of line drawings detailing the evolution of Lord Power. This treasure trove fills in many of the mysteries that fans have been trying to solve about the line and contains page after page of never-before-seen concept art that Barlowe produced as he refined the characters and meticulously honed their backgrounds.

No one was happier than Eric Treadaway of Four Horsemen Studios to see these incredible pieces of toy history.

“We were blown away last year when Wayne brought us the first batch of art. When he told us that he found another stack of art we assumed that we would see a few items that would fill in the blanks and maybe a handful of new items. To our surprise, though, lightning has struck twice! The material in this new batch of papers fleshes out a complete world and vision for Power Lords that is deeper than we could have imagined,” Treadaway said.

Having launched his career by writing and illustrating the highly successful and well known Barlowe’s Guide To Extraterrestrials Barlowe was approached by property packagers Ed Strongin and Ed Mayem and asked to do a series of action figures based on the designs in his Sci-Fi Alien encyclopedia. Barlowe didn’t own the rights to those characters but he managed to convince Strongin and Mayem to let him design his own line. The results were unlike anything ever before created in the toy world. After designing the line Barlowe subsequently went on to publish more books, and gain even greater fame as a concept artist for movies like Avatar, Hellboy, Harry Potter and Pacific Rim. was given the privilege of looking through Barlowe’s new find at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios. Seeing what Barlowe was able to produce as a supremely-talented 23-year-old, who had been given full rein to create the Sci-fi action figure line of his dreams, was simply astonishing. Here was a chance to see Barlowe let his prodigious imagination run wild, with little or no restrictions.

While we aren’t able to share any of the contents of that folder (yet!) the Four Horsemen are looking into the possibility of putting out a book so that they can share these treasures with Power Lords and Wayne Barlowe fans.

For more information on Wayne Barlowe and the creation of Power Lords see the Power Lords Return interview here:

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