Power Lords Preorders Starting May 23rd!!

From Four Horsemen Toy Design:

“As long as everything goes according to plan, we’re going to begin preorders of the upcoming Power Lords figures through Store Horsemen on Friday May 23rd, and we should have them in stock at the warehouse by Friday May 30th to begin shipping to all of the Power Lords Fan Club members FIRST.

We got in some early samples of these a few days ago and they look amazing! We’re going to be sending review samples out to toy reviewers tomorrow, but there will also be a few sets left over that we’re going to make immediately available to the first eligible Power Lords Fan Club members who place an order for the full set. Those will be shipped out within 24 hours of those orders being placed, so they’ll have their Power Lords figures well before anyone else! More details about all of this very soon…”








3 comments to Power Lords Preorders Starting May 23rd!!

  • hi there..im really happy that there willl be updated powerlords figures to buy soon but not happy that people who are a fan club member are in line first to get these figures..if i had know n this i wouldve joined long ago..its who is first to pay that should get the figures not put to the side for some fan club member..really not fair.

  • Pinky76

    Hi, when will the figure order be available for non club members? I`ve ordered them, but never got any shipping informations, or any other informations!

  • Pinky, have you checked on Sourcehorsemen.com? That’s the best place to get ordering and shipping info.

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