World Premiere!! Raygoth The Goon of Doom!!

The Four Horsemen have been incredibly busy getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con, but Eric Treadaway was still kind enough to send a cell phone snapshot of this never-before-seen Raygoth prototype. This fan favorite is incredibly well sculpted, brilliantly painted and best of all, it sports its signature holographic sticker.

“When I was a kid my biggest Power Lords dilemma was whether to get Raygoth or Ggripptogg. In the end Ggripptogg won out, but I’ve always had a special fondness for Raygoth. Now Raygoth finally has his day!” said Treadaway.


Raygoth – The Goon of Doom, Origin: Flozar VIII, The Frozen Planet, Weapon: Laser Gun

Raygoth was born on Flozar VIII, but was bred by Arkus to be a shock trooper in his army and obey all commands. Raygoth eats silica crystals and collects them in his chest cavity to reflect deadly laser rays.

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