Power Lords and More!! Check Out Pixel Dan’s SDCC 2015 Four Horsemen Walk-Through Video!!

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  • John Smith

    Thanks Horsemen!
    The Power club has so much exclusive content like Vintage and Modern sections that have exactly nothing. I like the brief bios and history, it’s much better than what’s on wikipedia.

    I love the fanclub newsletter. I know the last one said much more to come! I’m sure it will be in my inbox any day now!

    I love that the Power Lords website is nothing but a posting board for your other projects and kickstarters for your friends. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at Power Lords info when I go to a Power Lords site.

    That membership was sure worth it. With that 10% discount on all those Power Lords figures that keep coming out.

    Speaking of content, I love that we have a complete collection of Adam and Griptogg. I understand it’s hard making new figures when none of the Power Lords figures sell out so the fan support isn’t there, but I can’t seem to find a SINGLE figure for sale on your store…does that mean that everything sold out then?

    I am excited to see that that all your other work such as MOTUC, the New Thundercats Line, Mythic Legions and Ravens are all in a six inch scale. It’s awesome despite numerous fans asking for at least core characters in a compatible six inch scale, we’re still sticking with the 3/4 inch scale. Afterall, I’d rather it scale with Outer Space Men than all the other lines you work on. Plus you don’t want to ruin the look and glycos parts for the line, except that they are ruining the look by adding new joints, which make the old figures seem stiff and outdated.

    And I hear you’re dropping the glycos parts anyway, good thing you don’t switch or at least offer a 6 inch line because afterall, we are a whopping 2 figures in!!! I’m sure you aren’t going to offer another better articulated Adam down the road, so it’s not like we won’t be rebuying figures we already own anyway.

    Finally, How ’bout that summer kickstarter! Yes! I’m so happy I waited for it.
    Thank you for everything guys!

    A Truly Truly Truly Truly disappointed fan.
    (I’m sure I’m not the only one.)

    PS – The year wait for the Ravens was expected and understandable and worth it. This, with the Power Lords, is both a joke and disrespectful.

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