A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of the Power Lords Prototypes

Here’s a look at the making of the
Power Lords prototypes. Enjoy!

Eric Treadaway sculpting Ggripptogg's lower torso.

Eric Treadaway sculpting Ggripptogg’s lower torso.

Small Reference Material

Small Ggripptogg

Pay No Attention the Slug Piece

Can you identify the non-Power Lords pieces in the photo above?

11 comments to A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of the Power Lords Prototypes

  • Amazing work, guys! You’ve managed to capture the bizarre beauty of the old line and make it even more grotesquely alluring! Keep ’em coming!!!


    I simply CANNOT WAIT for this series of figures to materialize!!! As a child of the ’80s, I was ALWAYS intrigued by this line, but like so many others, the $$$ just wasn’t there to buy anything and everything…. It wasn’t until adulthood that I would finally then score vintage Adam Power & Gripptogg figures, as well as the DC Comics Limited Series. Still fascinated by the line’s concept and design, all these years later, I am extremely excited at your endeavor! Your re-birthed POWER LORDS figures will absolutely have a prized spot in my toy collection…and here’s hoping you broaden and expand their rich-in-potential universe (i.e. a Volcan Rock Playset, hmm? hmm? and NEW characters?)… Thanks much! Excellent job!

  • This looks absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for posting something like this and letting the fans in on how it goes down. Really inspirational to fellow artists and an asset to the scene!

    Count me in on this collection!

  • The Power Lords return is an AWESOME surprise for me & I really can’t wait also to have them in hands.
    Very nice Job FH & a great THX for this new line, you have the Power 😉

  • trenton doyle hancock

    My question is about the Adam Power to Lord Power transformation. It looks to be one figure with two separate removable torsos? Is it actually two figures altogether? As a kid, I really responded to the face on the back of the head feature. It was practical, terrifying, and intriguing, but above all it really made the figures stand out from other toylines (MOTU, D&D, BlackStar, etc). Why the choice to eliminate this feature? Just curious. Thanks guys, I will be purchasing these for the shelf for sure!

  • '80's kid

    OK, these new Power Lords prototypes look AMAZING! I like the fact that they’re similar to the old ’80’s figures, but at the same time FAR superior. Good stuff. Really looking forward to collecting this line.

    Re: the forthcoming new Gripptog, this was one of my favorite figures back in the day. However, one of the hassles I remember was that, because of the two hands on each arm, it was difficult for the character to hold the club. Hopefully that won’t be an issue with this new version.

    In any case, bring them on….

  • fakor

    aaaah, unbelievable! one of my favourite line of the 80’s. the power lords are back, yeeeaah! very good work of the 4 horsemen, a work of real passionate men! this return is a beautiful present, thanks a lot!!! 😉

  • Awesome! They looked so impressive in person! Cannot wait to get my mittens on these!

  • '80's kid

    Alright, saw some Toyfair pictures on another site w/additional pictures of these new PL figures – Fantastic! Though all of the figures look great, I’m especially impressed by Ggrapptikk & Ggripptogg – truly incredible.

    Thanks to the Four Horsemen & everyone else involved in bringing back this great toyline.

    Looking forward to the line prospering & eventually seeing re-done & improved versions of the other figures like Arkus, Drrench, and Disguyzor. A “Power Ship” would also be nice 😉

  • Zodac

    That armor thing, I believe that will actually be coming with the MOTUC Castle.

    Love these as a kd…

  • 4th time today i’ve said OMFG! sorry but i couldn’t help myself. holy freaking moly! the 4 horsemen are bringing back 1 of my favorite toy lines from the 80’s besides motu classics. i just purchased my first classics fig and preordered the castle awhile back. anyways i didn’t own any of the powerlords as a kid. ironic considering i had at least 1 toy from almost every toyline in 1980’s. my first memory of power lords was from seeing the old comic book adam power ad as a child and wanting the adam figure. now that i think about it my local toys r us had them on clearance for years. it was only within the last 3 or 4 years that i was able to find toys, comics, etc. including 2 volcan rock playsets, one boxed and 1 loose, both incomplete, adam powers moc and the first 80’s club membership kit with newsletter. so sign me up for the $150.00 club subscription cause daddy needs a new volcan rock playset:)

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