Otho, Mythic Legions Action Figure Review!

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  • Lillith

    “There were no Mexicans in medieval times”….first of all this line is populated in a world where there’s demons, vampires, minotaurs, dwarves…IT IS TOTAL FANTASY, based on “medieval” but not truly so. Therefore, if you can have white characters, you can have people of color. The only reason we haven’t seen this kind of diversity in previous lines is because of small-minded people who thinks the world revolves around them, so kudos to Four Horsemen for stepping up. Second, its great that you did the review, I know you meant well. But your whole focus is “they got a Black guy in the line”. You don’t comment on the white figures being white, so why the commentary about this one? Its a great figure, he looks fantastic, he’s got great articulation and killer weapons…leave it at that. You’re right…its an incredible line-up!!

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