Announcing The Return of The Power Lords!!!

Four Horsemen Studios announce the return of Power Lords – Little Falls, NJ (July 5, 2017)

Four Horsemen Studios is happy to once again announce the return of Power Lords to your action figure collections! After an extended hiatus we have been granted an extension of the Power Lords license so that we may continue to recreate the revolutionary designs created for the original action figure line. Our goal with this extension is to not only complete the original lineup of 4″ scaled Power Lords characters, but also to delve into the amazing concept characters that were to be part of the proposed third wave, and beyond.

Prototypes from our new wave of figures will be on display at San Diego Comic Con (July 19-23) at booth # 3345, along with details on our massive relaunch sale coming later this year. For more information and upcoming announcements and reveals please keep your eyes on and

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About Four Horsemen

After a groundbreaking run designing and sculpting over 100 figures for Mcfarlane Toys between 1993 and 1999, the future members of Four Horsemen Studios left to form their own toy design firm.

In September of 1999, Four Horsemen Studios was born. For over 18 years, the studio has been designing and producing some of the finest action figures and collectibles in the toy industry. Through an unprecedented partnership with the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, the studio has created hundreds of award winning figures for lines as varied as Masters of the Universe, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, DC Universe Classics, and Thundercats to name a few.

In 2005, Four Horsemen Studios began creating their own properties and designing and manufacturing the toys to support them. The studio has since developed several fan favorite properties including: Seventh Kingdom, Gothitropolis, Magma Corps, Symbiotech, and the massive fan favorite Mythic Legions. These properties have yielded numerous figures that have amassed an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base across the globe.

With plans for new and exciting projects for years to come, there is no doubt that fantastic things are in store for Four Horsemen fans!

About Power Lords

Power Lords, The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors is a toy line from the early 80’s that just might be one of the most originally designed action figure lines of all time.

The appeal of the Power Lords can be traced back to its origins in 1982 when famed toy creators Ned Strongin and Len Mayem contacted legendary sci-fi and fantasy artist Wayne Douglas Barlowe and hired him to help create a toy line. Barlowe’s unique and sometime’s bizarre interpretations of alien life were some of the most memorable designs of the era.

The impressive original action figure line spanned 2 waves that included 10 figures as well as multiple creatures, vehicles and playsets. The line was reintroduced by Four Horsemen Studios as a 4” scale line in 2013.

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