Long-Lost Wayne Barlowe Power Lords Art!!

Starlog compressed
This amazing portrait of Lord Ggripptogg by Power Lords creator and acclaimed Sci-Fi Artist Wayne Barlowe, recently resurfaced. Fans had long wondered about this particular image which was last seen gracing the lower right-hand corner of the cover of the July 1983 issue of Starlog Magazine.

The photo (measuring approximately 14 by 11 inches) was sold to Sacramento Toy Collector Andrew Leung, the owner of the vintage toy store Toy Fusion, by someone who claimed to have worked on the Power Lords action figure line back in the early 80’s. Thanks for sharing this great find with Powerlordsreturn.com, Andrew!

The image was one in a series of seven spectacular photographs. The other six photographs are stunning images of hand-painted Power Lords prototypes which may have been promotional images or internal company photographs used in the making of the vintage line.

Stay tuned to Powerlordsreturn.com as we’ll have more reveals from this secret stash of scintillating photos in the future and visit www.toyfusion.com to see some of Andrew’s other treasures.


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