Exclusive Gothitropolis Kickstarter Coverage!!


Tim Martinec (above) was part of the special outside crew that Four Horsemen Toy design studios brought in to help paint the 12 Kickstarter Birds that they premiered at Toypocalypse 3. Outside contractors Ed Waysek III and Bill Mancuso worked long hours painting the birds as Four Horsemen regular crew member Sherri Lynn Cook supervised and painted alongside them. Four Horsemen owners Eric Treadaway, H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse, Jim Preziozi and regular crew members Shane Dittsworth and Owen “Odawg” Oertling also worked feverishly getting Castle Grayskull and the Power Lords Prototypes ready for Toypocalypse 3 and Toy Fair.

640 pixels Ed photo 088276d6-bee5-4b09-a2c3-6794ba528546_zpsd70cc452.jpg
Fantastic Exclusive Board Member Ed Waysek III seen here cleaning his brushes, was called in to help paint the Kickstarter Exclusive Minotaur The Duck.

640 Ed paints duck photo 2e92622c-6a96-4a13-b6e0-db3d48a80f83_zps3bf3528e.jpg

640 pixels duck head photo 8ffadb71-539d-45b1-aed8-999e914de52d_zps96a70bf3.jpg

640 duck no horns photo 6ec91892-7369-48fb-b47d-e36d6e88774c_zps2604ba32.jpg

640 duck horns photo 45bdfdb6-3711-4f9b-a054-733702d55081_zps88132c14.jpg

640 duck done photo 9b6a185b-218d-43c9-a703-6048fd9ea358_zpsf95cfd3f.jpg

 photo 2c0d65f7-9a82-4e5b-8dd9-3921013210cd_zps21dd7bcb.jpg

 photo bfe474d0-9d04-4e1f-93a4-77814a1372e8_zps5ce11a67.jpg

 photo 660e9367-a48c-4286-a71c-f7cf81551957_zps5cbac9a6.jpg

 photo 93200084-5456-4c56-8e98-351c88a88a4e_zps52255b0b.jpg

 photo 0c4c6ac6-435d-41f1-87ca-f70d402ce8f5_zpsae27b270.jpg

 photo fe59944f-326c-48e6-ade9-5a7071d54728_zps037d4d28.jpg

 photo 055e1501-7036-452f-aca0-119a2b51bffd_zpsf803c3de.jpg

 photo a3534829-0439-4e5a-8ba0-5c760720c7f0_zps8ca101a9.jpg

 photo 5d89c4b6-2a92-47a9-8249-2a3f8aa2bd53_zps04d164ed.jpg

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