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This week we’re featuring another one of the vintage prototype photographs from the collection of Andrew Leung, Sacramento toy collector and proprietor at the Toy Fusion, First is a photograph of a hand-painted Lord Power prototype, (circa 1982) which doesn’t seem to differ from the production figure to any great extent. The biggest difference may a lighter shade of brown used for the hair, although that may have something to do with the lighting. The red vein patterns on the chest seem to vary (which makes sense with hand painting) and the skin appears to be painted with glossier paint.

To celebrate the fact that Adam Power and Lord Power have been inseparable all these years, we’re borrowing a series of remarkable new photos of a vintage Adam Power toy taken by toy photographer extraordinaire Ed Speir IV. We thank Mr. Speir for being gracious enough to share them with us. For more of Mr. Speir’s amazing toy photography featuring new and vintage toys, check out his artistry (and more Power Lords photos) via this link to Mr. Speir’s flickr account. All of the photographs below, (except for the first one) are copyright Ed Speir IV.




Ggripptogg Vintage Prototype Picture Unveiled!

This week we’re taking a look at another one of the vintage toy photographs brought to us by Andrew Leung, Sacramento toy collector and owner of Toy Fusion.

This Ggripptogg prototype shows some significant paint differences from the final production figures. The red and black paint used on the prototype is far glossier, which makes sense, since in the final production figures the red, black and gray plastic pieces were simply molded in appropriately-colored plastic with additional details painted on top. This photograph appears to show a fully hand-painted prototype that has been painted with glossy paint.

In this prototype, the green blaze on the biceps and arms that is seen in the production figures is missing completely. In addition, the two green knobby protrusions on the figure’s forehead and the small details under the belt that are painted on the prototype, were not painted on the final figure.


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